Terms and Conditions

Booking and Payment

When you receive our booking form and return the correct deposit of £100 per person, a contract will then exist between you, the buyer and us, the seller. Please note this deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.
The balance must be paid in full no less than 6 weeks before the start of the holiday. If you are booking within 6 weeks of the start date, then full payment is required as a deposit.

In the event that the buyer fails to pay the balance due within 6 weeks of the start of the holiday, the money already paid is non returnable.

Modification of your Itinerary Cancellation Policy 

If you wish to make any changes to your booking prior to the due date for your balance payment, we will apply an extra charge of £50/person and any additional cost we incur in making such changes (accommodation extra charge, lost on existing deposits…). Requests for changes made less than 42 days before the start of your tour will be treated as a cancellation of your original booking.

Once the deposit is paid it is non-refundable. 

Cancellation fees are implemented in ALL cases, so we recommend that you are fully covered by a travel insurance policy to cover non-returnable costs should you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected circumstances.

We have to pay non-refundable deposits to accommodations and transfer services.   If deposits or payments that have been made to secure accommodation on Participants’ behalf are lost due to requested changes/cancellation, these will be charged for. 

The full payment is due 6 weeks before arrival. If you have to cancel after the full payment has been paid this is how we operate:

Cancellation more than 42 days notice: You lose your non-refundable deposit.

Cancellation 42-29 days before the start: You pay 50% of the total cost of the holiday.

Cancellation 28-15 days before the start: You pay 75% of the total cost of the holiday.

Cancellation 14-0 days before the start: You pay 100% of the total cost of the holiday.

If you are booked as a group, and members of your group have to cancel,  it is possible that a single supplement fee will have to be incurred to other members of that group.

Modification and Cancellation requests must be made in writing.

Complaints and Problems

If the buyer has any cause for complaint, then please raise the matter immediately with your driver, or with the office. We will try to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you should write to us within 14 days of the end of your holiday. All written complaints will be replied to within 7 days.


A £100 non-refundable deposit per person must be paid at the time of booking. We reserve the right to ask for an additional deposit amount for certain bookings where we need to pre-pay to the supplier(s) an additional sum to secure a booking. Non refundable deposit will only be returned in the event that the chosen holiday is fully booked. If you are booking within 6 weeks of the start date, then full payment is required as a deposit.

Financial Security

Your deposit and final payment will be held in a trust fund until your holiday is completed.


It is a booking condition that the buyer and those for whom the buyer is booking are in good health. If you have a doubt please consult your doctor and advice us of any health concerns.

Force Majeure

In the unlikely event that the seller, due to forces beyond our control,  has to vary or cancel the holiday, then you will be given a new option of dates or a full refund will be offered.  If appropriate when re-booking, we will adjust the price accordingly.
We will endeavour, weather and sailings pending, to honour all packages which include ferry to and from Ireland. No sailing time or date either to or from Ireland can be guaranteed, and the Contract is no guarantee that sailings will take place on the day planned. Alternative times and dates will be offered.

If an accommodation and/or a transport supplier has cancelled a service, we will let you know of it as soon as we can. We may offer you an alternative solution for your holidays, and let you know of its impact on the price of your booking and any additional sums to be paid.

Health and Safety and Responsibility

The seller will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the buyer’s safety, but we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to property or death or injury whilst partaking in the Walk. The seller cannot accept responsibility for any accommodations and/or vehicles (transfer – taxis) damages during your Walking Holidays.


You MUST take out insurance to cover cancellation, personal accident, illness or loss of possessions. The seller cannot accept responsibility for loss of damage to your baggage, possessions or for illness or injury nor public liability for any holiday arranged by us. We also cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from any circumstances beyond our control. Cancellation fees are implemented in all cases, so we recommend that you are fully covered by a travel insurance policy to cover non-returnable costs should you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected circumstances.
Please make sure that your policy covers the activities to be undertaken.


There is a luggage weight limit requested by the taxi companies of 1 bag per person (maximum weight 20kg per bag). There must be no items attached to the outside of the bag. We do not accept any liability or costs or inconvenience may caused.


You can pay by bank transfer if you have an UK bank account, or via Stripe if booking from overseas. If you inform us which payment you prefer we will then e-mail the payment information/ link.
Please note that all Stripe payments will incur an extra 3.0% charge for the safe transaction. This charge will be added to your total fee.
Also if paying via international bank transfer (International Bank Admin/Transfer Fees is £10.00 by transaction), you will need to check with your own bank re their transfer charges, you will at both ends. Please note, that you (the customer) will be liable for charges both ends. (i.e. Anglesey Wales Walking Holidays will pass any charges and interest we have to pay on to you when providing international services).

We generally don’t take any full payment before the 6 weeks prior starting date. For any advance payment, please contact us <Special Conditions>


Customers must inform us if any dogs are expected on the walk. Not all accommodations allow dogs. Extra charge applied when available, contact us.

Prices, Errors & Surcharges

1/ Information and Pricing: We ensure that all information and pricing on our website is accurate. However, it is always possible that despite our efforts obvious errors could occur such as the price or some details. In case of the both parties are unable to agree, we reserve the right to terminate the contract and refund you any sums you have paid us.

2/ Surcharge: It’s very unusual to add surcharges; We will only be able to change the price in this way if we notify you of any price increase at least 30 days before the start of your holidays. If we need to do so because there’s been a change in the cost of providing your holiday that’s outside of our control, such as the cost of accommodation, fuel or other power sources used for transportation, taxes or fees (tourist, currency exchange…) We will contact you and forward an amended invoice to you showing the changes made along with a detailed explanation.
We will absorb any increase of 2% or less of your holiday price. If the price of your holiday is increased by more than 10% of its total price, then you may:
– Accept and pay for the price increase;
– Reject the price increase and terminate your holiday with a full refund.

Your Travel

We recommend to not book any flight, train, etc until we have been able to confirm your holiday booking with accommodation availability.

We reserve the right to update our Terms and Conditions document without notice. This document was last updated on the 22 February 2023. 

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