Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updated 14.09.2020

Thank you all for your kind support during these unprecedented times. It has been a very difficult year for families and businesses alike.

Following the Welsh government’s further easing of restrictions, we are happy to confirm that all our bookings are now going ahead.  Accommodations, cafes, restaurants and pubs are now open as well as the trails, but social distancing is in place everywhere.

We are continuing with pre-arranged and new bookings and all holidays booked will be under our  normal Terms and Conditions   

However,  the health and safety of our customers and communities are of prime importance.  We will be keeping a close eye on the Welsh government’s public health advice and if anything changes, we will keep in touch with all our customers. 

Inevitably, your holiday will be a different experience.  Accommodations have to follow government guidance regarding safety, so there will be less contact with proprietors.  Breakfast times  might have to be staggered, so be prepared for this.

Social distancing rules are different in Wales.  It is still at 2m.  From 14.09.2020 masks are mandatory in shops and indoor areas, masks are requested for all taxi journeys as well as hand-sanitising prior to entering vehicles. We recommend that it is good practice to wear masks when arriving at your accommodations, entering small shops and cafes along the trail. You can take your masks off when seated for drinks/refreshments, but you will need to wear them in all other situations indoors. 

During your walks, you will feel safer in the wide open spaces, but remember to sanitise your hands regularly when going over stiles and gates and after sitting on benches along the trail. The virus can remain on hard surfaces for quite some time.   

International Travel

For overseas customers, there may be some disruptions to your travel plans, as governments and organisations work to minimise the risks associated with the virus. If you are travelling from abroad from mid August onwards, please check with your relevant airlines/authorities for the latest updates re travelling. We encourage you to stay in contact with your relevant authorities / airlines / transfer companies regarding any travelling concerns / restrictions that you may have and allow extra time for travel.

All our walking holiday packages state “own arrival” to the UK and destination. You are liable for any costs / disruption associated with any changes that you have to make to your travelling arrangements (this includes changes to airlines or airports) in your own country in order to get to your holiday destination in the UK. We do not accept liability for such changes in any way.

Travel Insurance

It is a must that you have a Travel Insurance in place (from whichever country you travel).  Make sure that your insurance policy covers holiday costs if you need to cancel or unable to travel.  Staycation visitors are also recommended to have a travel insurance in place as circumstances change quickly due to Covid.  

**Please check with your own travel insurance company if you are covered for cancellation due to COVID-19.

Balance Payment Delay

All our balances need to be paid 6 weeks before the start date. This enables us to pay accommodations, taxis, luggage transfer companies. If we don’t receive the full balance as per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and our charges as per our Terms and Conditions.
For further information, please e-mail us or call us on 01248 713 611 to discuss further.

Keep safe.

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