Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Thank you all for your kind support during these unprecedented times. It has been a very difficult time for families and businesses alike.  

With the standard and booster vaccinations still continuing throughout the UK, we would like to inform all customers intending to book with us, that we as a small company, are still treading carefully to make sure that our customers and our local communities are as safe as possible.    

The health and safety of our customers and communities will still be of prime importance.  We will be keeping a close eye on the Welsh government’s public health advice and if anything changes, we will keep in touch with all our customers. 

We are still asking all customers to wear masks and sanitise hands before they enter transfer vehicles. This is to safeguard those who might not have been vaccinated. 


All holidays booked will be under our normal Terms and Conditions  Inevitably, holidays with Covid still prevelant in our communities,  will be a different experience to normal times.  You are booking at your own risk as you will be in increased contact with others.  If you have any underlying health issues you should not anticipate booking at this time. Discuss your intentions with your GP.   

Your Responsibilities whilst with us:

Please be aware social distancing at all times,

Wear masks when necessary,

Please respect the local communities,

Carry a hand-sanitiser with you at all times as you will be touching stiles and gates along the trail.


Breakfasts and evening meals.  Accommodations will have their own regulations, breakfasts might be staggered and contact with guests and proprietors will still be minimal.  Some cafes and restaurants will have exterior seating areas if you prefer.   

Luggage and people transfers. All taxi and luggage transfer companies have their own guidelines.  

Coronavirus symptoms.  If you experience any coronavirus symptoms before your holiday, or have been told to isolate, you must cancel your holiday immediately.  If Coronavirus symptoms appear whilst you are on holiday, you must travel home immediately.  We will assist in whichever way possible with your travelling options.  You must also contact your insurance provider as we cannot accept extra costs incurred. 

International Travel

Although travelling to some countries have been given the green light by the UK government. Please check if you country is listed in this category before attempting to book.    

Overseas bookings are difficult due to quarantine rules and regulations which may disrupt your travel plans, as governments and organisations work to minimise the risks associated with the virus. If you are travelling from abroad, please check with your relevant airlines / authorities for the latest updates re travelling. We encourage you to stay in contact with your relevant authorities / airlines / transfer companies regarding any travelling concerns / restrictions that you may have and allow extra time for travel.

All our walking holiday tours state “own arrival” to the UK and destination. You are liable for any costs / disruption associated with any changes that you have to make to your travelling arrangements (this includes changes to airlines or airports) in your own country in order to get to your holiday destination in the UK. We do not accept liability for such changes in any way.

Travel Insurance

All customers must have a Travel Insurance in place (from whichever country you travel). Please ensure that your insurance policy covers medical costs, illness or injury and holiday costs if you need to cancel or unable to travel.  Check also that your policy is covered for Covid 19 disruptions. Staycation visitors are also recommended to have a travel insurance in place as circumstances change quickly due to Covid.   

Balance Payment Delay

All our balances need to be paid 6 weeks (rather than the usual 8 week) before the start date. This enables us to pay accommodations, taxis, luggage transfer companies. If we don’t receive the full balance as per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and our charges as per our Terms and Conditions.
For further information, please e-mail us or call us on+44 (0)7483 229606 to discuss further.

Keep safe.

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